Cyberpunk Powered by the Apocalypse

Basic Moves

Read a Person (Empathy)

When you Read a Person while interacting with them, roll with Mind.

  • On a 10+, ask their player (or the MC for NPCs) 2 questions from this list. On a 7-9, ask 1:
  • What are they not telling me?
  • What are they really feeling?
  • What do they intend to do about ___?
  • What do they want me to do?
  • How could I get them to ___?

Check Out The Scene (Mind (Chrome w/ Cybereyes))

When you take a moment to Check Out The Scene, roll with Mind or Chrome if you have cybereyes or ears. On a 10+, ask the MC 2 questions from the list. On a 7-9, ask 1. When you act on the answers, take a +1 to the rolls.

  • What's happened here recently?
  • What should I be on the lookout for?
  • What's the best way to ___?
  • What am I missing here?
  • What's my greatest opportunity here?
  • What here can I use to ___?

Research (Mind)

When you investigate a person, place, object, or service; ask a question from the list below and roll Mind.

  • 10+: ask 3 from the below list and take an [influence].
  • 7-9: ask 1 from the list below and take an [influence].
  • Where would I find ______?
  • How secure is ______?
  • Who or what is related to ______?
  • Who owned or employed ______?
  • Who or what is ______ most valuable to?
  • What is the relationship between ______ and ______?

Manipulate (Empathy)

When you try to convince someone to do what you want with promises, lies or bluster, roll Empathy.

    VS NPCs:
  • 10+: NPCs do what you want if they have a reason, bribe, threat or motive.
  • 7-9: the MC will tell you what it'll take to get the NPC to do what you want. Do it and they will.
    VS PCs:
  • On a hit (7+) PCs can choose whether to do it or not. If they do, they mark experience.

Staredown (Cool)

When you try to move someone using leverage, intimidation, seduction, reputation etc, roll with Cool.

  • On a 10+, they promise what they think you want, and take an [influence] on them.
  • On a 7-9, they choose one: give in to you, promise something they think you want, or give you an [influence] against them.

Act Under Pressure (Hard)

When you Act Fast or Smart Under Pressure, roll with Hard.

  • On a 10+, you pull it off without a hitch.
  • On a 7–9, it’s going to cost you, the MC will offer you a worse outcome or a hard choice.

Help or Interfere (Links)

When you Help or Interfere after a PC has rolled, roll with the number of Links you have with them (or 0 if you have none).

  • On a hit (7+), they take +1 (if helping) or -2 (if interfering) to their roll.
  • On a 7–9, you expose yourself to fire, danger, retribution or cost.

Legwork (Varied)

When you montage a span of time quickly: to spend time shopping for equipment, tracking leads, getting info, etc. roll with the most applicable skill (MC will decide).

  • If you are spending money, roll with Cred
  • If you are building or hacking, roll with Chrome
  • If you are accessing your contacts, roll with Links
  • If you are accessing unknown contacts, roll with Influence
  • Or choose the best applicable skill.

On a hit, you get what you're looking or near enough. On a 7-9, it comes at a price, the MC will tell you what.

Friday Night Firefight (Hard)

On a hit (7+), inflict harm and suffer harm in return.

    On a 10+, choose 1:
  • You inflict terrible harm
  • You don't suffer harm in return
  • You expose or create a weakness
  • You take something from your opposition
    On a 7-9, choose 1:
  • You inflict terrible harm
  • You expose or create a weakness
  • You take something from your opposition

Hold Steady (Cool)

When you hold steady, in a scary or tense situation, roll with Cool.

  • On a 10+, you keep your cool, and remove an [influence] they have on you. If none, gain an [influence] on them.
  • On a 7-9, you keep cool, but they gain an [influence] on you.

Hacking (Chrome)

Hacking allows, but is not limited to breaking into a closed network, activating a machine/system (turn on lights, start a car/machine), disabling a system (unlock a door, shut off an alarm), altering a system's state (change a traffic light, show a pre-recorded feed), searcingh/changing/erasing a database, etc. When you hack, roll Chrome.

    On a 10+, you may choose 2 of the following effects. On a 7-9 you may choose 1.
  • Effect lasts more than a few minutes
  • Security is not alerted
  • Leave no trace
  • Leave a backdoor
  • Effects more than a single machine/system
  • Effect/see a secure/locked/encrypted file

Vehicle Damage (Harm, Vehicle)

When your vehicle Comes Under Fire and suffers harm, record the amount of harm it has taken in total and consult below:

    1-harm: light hull damage
    2-harm: minor hull damage; one or two systems compromised
    3-harm: serious hull damage; several systems disabled or compromised
    4-harm: major hull damage; most systems disabled, several destroyed.
    5-harm: complete breakdown; all systems disabled; most people on-board are exposed serious danger.
    6-harm or more: total destruction; everyone on-board is exposed to serious danger Harm may blow through to passengers/crew, MC's call.

Take Wounds (Wounds)

When you Suffer Wounds, roll with the number of wounds suffered.

    On a 10+, the MC chooses 2. On a 7-9, the MC chooses 1.
  • It's worse than it seems, suffer an additional wound
  • You lose hold of something valuable
  • You lose track of something important
  • You're out of commission for a short while
  • Lose the use of a piece of cyberware until you can get it repaired
  • Lose a body part (arm, leg, eye)
  • On a miss, nothing worse comes of it.

Heal Up (Hard)

When you have the chance to rest and Heal Up, regain one wound, then roll with Hard.

    On a 10+, the MC will choose 1. On a 7-9, the MC will choose 2:
  • You'll be in and out of consciousness for the next 24 hours
  • Your injuries require the aid of a professional, pharmaceutical, tech, or medical; pay them 1-cred
  • You're incapacitated for the next 8 hours, doing anything other than lying down is Acting Under Pressure
  • You'll require constant monitoring and care from someone competent for the next 36 hours

On a miss, you don't heal, you'll need professional attention.

When you take it easy for a while, heal vitality at a rate of 1 per hour.

Mark Experience

When you do any of the listed actions for your background, mark experience. When you've marked your fifth experience box, erase the track and check off an advance. You cannot choose the same advance twice.

End of Session

When you reach the end of a session, choose one your Links that you feel is resolved (completely explored, no longer relevant, or otherwise), if any. Ask their player if they agree. If they do, mark experience and fill in another bond or write an entirely new bond with whomever you wish.


    You can spend an [influence] on another PC to:
  • Add 1 to your roll against them (choose after rolling).
  • Subtract 1 from their roll against you (choose after rolling).
  • Offer them an experience point to do what you want.
  • Force them to Hold Steady in order to carry out a certain action.
  • Add an extra harm to whatever harm you're dealing them.
    You can spend an [influence] on an NPC to:
  • Add 1 to your roll against them (choose after rolling).
  • Add 3 to your manipulate an NPC roll against them (choose after rolling).
  • Cause them to falter, hesitate, or freeze up momentarily.
  • Add an extra harm to whatever harm you're dealing them.