Cyberpunk: Equipment



Holdout pistol 2-harm, +hand/close, +discreet, +quick, +reload, +loud
Flechette pistol 3-harm, +close/near, +quick, +flechette
Revolver 2-harm, +close/near, +reload, +loud, +quick
Semi-auto pistol 2-harm, +close/near, +loud, +quick
Heavy pistol 3-harm, +close/near, +loud

Serious Guns

Shotgun3-harm, +close/near, +loud, +messy
Dual Pistols 3-harm, +close/near, +loud, +quick
Breech-Load Shotgun 3-harm, +close/near, +loud, +messy, +reload, +specialty ammo
Automatic shotgun 3-harm, +close/near, +loud, +messy, +autofire
Hunting rifle 2-harm, +far/ex, +loud
Assault rifle 3-harm, +near/far, +loud, +autofire
Machine pistol 2-harm, +close/near, +loud, +autofire
SMG 2-harm, +close/near, +loud, +autofire
Massive revolver 3-harm, +close/near, +reload, +reliable, +really loud, +intimidating, +special ammo

Hardcore Guns

LMG 3-harm, +near/far, +loud, +messy, +autofire, +clumsy
Sniper rifle 3-harm, +far/ex, +loud, +clumsy
Anti-materiel rifle 3-harm, +far/ex, +loud, +messy, +breach, +clumsy, +AP
Crossbow or hunting bow 2-harm, +close/near/far, +reload, +special ammo
Grenade launcher 4-harm, +near/far, +area, +loud, +messy, +clumsy
Grenade tube 4-harm, +near, +area, +reload, +loud, +messy
Assault cannon 4-harm, +near/far, +area, +messy, +breach, +clumsy
Missile launcher 5-harm, +far, +area, +messy, +breach, +clumsy
Flame-thrower 3-harm, +close, +area, +fire

Melee Weapons

Knife2-harm, +hand
Club2-harm, +hand
Sword3-harm, +hand, +messy
Hand taser0-harm, +hand, +stun
Monofilament whip4-harm, +hand, +messy, +area, +dangerous
Shuriken or throwing knives2-harm, +close, +infinite
Ornate dagger2-harm, +hand, +valuable
Many knives2-harm, +hand, +infinite


*At ranges intimate/hand/close, grenades are +dangerous.

Frag grenades4-harm, +near, +area, +reload, +loud, +messy
Flashbangss-harm, +near, +area, +loud, +reload
Gas grenadess-harm, +near, +area, +reload, +gas



Armoured clothing or synth leathers0-armour, +discreet, subtract 1 when rolling the harm move
Armoured vest, jacket or coat1-armour
Body Armour2-armour
Military hardsuit3-armour, clumsy, removable


Climbing/Rappelling rig
Communications equipmentoptional tags: +encrypted, +jamming, +satellite relay, +recording
Disguise kit+1 ongoing to avoid being detected while successfully maintaining a fake persona
Explosivesspray explosives for breaching doors, small portable plastic explosives for destroying vehicles and weakening structures, or industrial-grade demolitions equipment. All are +AP, +dangerous, +messy, +loud, +breach
Gyroscopic exoskeletonprovides a mobile brace point for weapons which require precise stabilisation or recoil absorption
Microtronics workstationyou may perform field repairs on electronics and cyberware
Musical instrumentsoptional tags: +recording, +satellite relay, +simsense
Recording equipment+audio, +video, optional tags: +simsense, +discreet,+encrypted
Scuba equipment
Stealth suit+1 ongoing to avoid being detected while hidden and alone
Surgery or portable operating roomallows treatment of life-threatening wounds
Specialist toolkits, survival kits, and the like.Can be used 3 times. Each use grants +1 forward to a move relevant to the specialisation of the toolkit
Trauma dermsallows you to take -1 when rolling harm
Vision enhancing devicesglasses, goggles, scopes. Basic models have one or two tags, more advanced and expensive models can have more.
Wingsuit, microlite, or hoverboard



Cybereyes choose 2: +thermographic, +lowlight, +telescopic, +anti-flare, +recorder, +encrypted, +smartlink, +timesquare, +cosmetic can roll Chrome for Checking a Scene.
Cyberears choose 2: +dampening, +wide frequency, +recording, +encrypted; can roll Chrome for Checking a Scene.
Cybercoms choose 2: +encrypted, +jamming, +recording, +encrypted
Cyberarm choose 1: +implanted tools, +hidden storage, +implanted weaponry (choose one below), +discreet, +cosmetic; +augmented Strength +1 harm in melee
Cyberleg choose 1: +hidden storage, +hidden holster (pistol or smaller), +discreet, +cosmetic; +augmented Strength +1 forward for athletics
Dermal plating -1 when rolling harm
Muscle Grafts Roll Chrome instead of Hard in Melee
Neural Plugs Allows direct neural interface with Mesh & machines. Choose two: +encrypted, +highspeed, +high capacity, +remote module (pilot drones with Chrome), +mesh uplink, +targeting suite (roll for FNFF with Chrome)
Reflex Boost +1 in time-critical situations
Skill plugs Declare what skill you are chipped for +1 ongoing
Tactical Computer +1 when Checking out a Scene in a tactical situation
Personal Assistant a weak personal AI to help with searches and scheduling


Retractable blades2-harm, +hand, +messy, +implant
Holdout firearm2-harm, +close, +loud, +implant
monofilament whip4-harm, +hand, +messy, +area, +dangerous, +implant
Assassination implant4-harm, +intimate, +slow, +implant